Colonial Consulting Investment Perspectives
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Colonial Consulting Investment Perspectives
Michael Miller, CEO, Colonial Consulting, LLC

Michael Miller, the CIO of Investment Consultant, Colonial Consulting, LLC, discussed the Foundation’s exceptional investment returns with guests at their Annual Reception on December 4th. He noted the following for the ten years that began during the Global Financial Crisis:

•The portfolio returned 8.7% per year, net of investment management fees. This translates to 129.7% of cumulative return as of 10/31/18.

•The portfolio out-performed its benchmark by just over 14% cumulatively, a figure that translates into approximately 10 million more dollars accumulated to support The Catholic Community Foundation’s mission.

Mr. Miller further noted that these extraordinary results were the product of an experienced and talented Investment Committee of the Foundation that practiced long-term thinking, patience, rigor and diversification. While volatile and difficult markets are unpleasant, they frequently provide opportunities that are beneficial to long-term investors such as the Foundation. This is what occurred to an extreme ten years ago and led to the outcomes described earlier.