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Introduce your clients to a real treasure

Promoting philanthropy can help you deepen client relationships while satisfying their desire to leave a meaningful legacy. Introduce your estate planning and financial planning clients to the benefits of The Catholic Community Foundation:

  • Socially responsible investing. Investments are consistent with the mission of the church.
  • Faith-based giving. The Foundation gives your clients an opportunity to not only gain tax advantages but also promote their values.
  • Local focus. Our donors improve the community every day, right here in the 10 counties of Southeastern Wisconsin.
  • Flexibility. Choose from a range of fund types that let your clients support the causes they care about most, at the level of grant involvement they desire.
  • Effective investment management. We have over $150 million in assets under management and receive investment advice from Marquette Associates, a Chicago firm specializing in non-profits. See more about how we invest.

Start the discussion today! For more information or to schedule a joint meeting with your client, call Mary Ellen Markowski at 414-431-6402.

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