Full Proposals
Prepare your proposal

If we ask you to submit a complete grant request,

  • Download and complete the grant application form.
  • Submit a hard copy to our office by the deadline we indicate. Only complete proposals received by the deadline will be considered.
Reviewing grant requests

We’ll review your proposal, perhaps including a site visit, and will consider these factors:

  • The relevance of the proposal to the Foundation’s grant priorities
  • The extent of the potential benefit to the community
  • The organization’s capacity to carry out the project
  • The degree to which the project includes clearly-defined outcomes; credible strategies for achieving them; reliable methods for measuring them; and plans for using these results to make program improvements
  • The potential for replicating or otherwise leveraging the project to achieve a broader benefit
  • The organization’s plan to secure funding after the grant period
  • The availability of Foundation resources (some applicants may be turned down simply because our resources are limited)

The Grants Committee makes grant recommendations to the full board of directors, which approves all grant awards. All applicants receive notification of the board’s decision.

Acceptance and reporting

Recipients must sign an agreement stipulating terms and conditions of the grant.


We require full financial accounting of expenditures and narrative reports of the outcomes of grant-supported projects or programs. Your grant agreement will include the schedule for reporting.