How We Invest
How We Invest
Our Strategy
  • Establish a strategic asset allocation which is expected to achieve the Foundation’s long-term return objective to preserve Foundation purchasing power.
  • No attempt is made to time the market or change strategy based on near-term outlook.
  • Diversify the portfolio by asset class and strategy. This reduces risk and increases the likelihood of achieving the return objective under different economic and market conditions.
  • Investments are required to meet socially responsible guidelines.
Asset allocation

The Foundation’s assets are well-diversified using a long-term strategic approach.

  • 68% of the assets are invested in equity securities, 24% are invested in fixed income, and 8% in alternatives and cash.
  • Within the equity portion of the portfolio, the Foundation invests in large cap, mid cap and small cap companies as well as international and emerging market companies.
  • The expected return of the portfolio is 7.0%. This return will allow the Foundation to support its mission, even after adjusting for inflation. While there is risk associated with investing in equities, the return potential over the long-term is significant. Fixed income strategies historically have been less risky, but investing in bonds alone is not likely to provide enough return to support the long-term return objective of the Foundation. Real estate and inflation hedging strategies increases the diversification of the portfolio and assist in managing risk.
How we oversee our portfolio

Investment Committee — Monitors performance, asset allocation, manager allocations and manager style adherence.


Crewcial Partners LLC — Crewcial Partners is a leading investment consulting firm that focuses on assisting not-for-profits achieve strong investment returns. With their experience, expertise, and in-depth research, they provide valuable investment advice and support our Investment Committee so that the Foundation can meet its long-term mission.


Crewcial Partners produces monthly performance reports for the Foundation, reviews all manager written reports and portfolios and immediately communicates any problems or concerns to the Committee.

Total Portfolio Investment Performance vs Benchmark as of December 31, 2022
1 Year3 Year5 Year7 Year10 Year15 Year20 Year
The Foundation-16.4%0.6%1.8%5.1%5.0%4.9%6.5%
Target Benchmark¹-12.9%3.0%3.9%6.3%5.9%4.8%6.5%
CPI +511.8%10.2%9.1%8.6%7.8%7.5%7.7%
60% MSCI AC/40% Barclays Capital Aggregate-16.0%1.6%3.5%5.4%5.4%4.3%6.3%

¹The Target Asset Allocation Benchmark is a weighted average of market indices using the Foundation’s strategic asset allocation through time. Comprised of 18% S&P 500, 12% Barclays Intermediate Govt/Corp, 19% MSCI EAFE, 8% MSCI ACWI, 6% FTSE World Govt Bond, 7% Russell 2500, 7% Russel Mid Cap, 9% MSCI Emerging, 2% NCREIF Real Estate, 4% JP Morgan GBI-EM Global Diversified, 6% Bloomberg Commodity, 2% U.S. T-Bills.