Creating a Legacy of Support
Wieber Family Fund

Charles and Sara Wieber, always very generous individuals, have given to those charitable organizations they care most about. They financially supported organizations on their own each year, but in talking with representatives of The Catholic Community Foundation they learned there are so many more organizations in need in Southeastern Wisconsin and they wanted to be able to help. Therefore, they felt the greatest opportunity they had to do this was by establishing the Wieber Family unrestricted fund within The Catholic Community Foundation. The Wiebers believed that through their unrestricted fund the responsibility for knowing the priorities and the needs of the community were best met by the Foundation’s board of directors and, thus, they could determine where the grants awarded from their fund each year would make the biggest impact.

In establishing their fund, Mr. and Mrs. Wieber stated that “our Lord has been very generous to us, so we were delighted when we became aware of The Catholic Community Foundation and its mission. Through the Foundation our family legacy will be carried on to benefit future generations with the establishment of the Wieber Family Fund.”

It is because of generous donors like the Wiebers that the Foundation is able to continue to carry out its mission and provide grants on an annual basis to support those areas and organizations that need help the most.