Principal explains how CCF grants impact Catholic Grade School
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Principal explains how CCF grants impact Catholic Grade School
Lisa Ellis, Principal of St. Leonard's Catholic School, Muskego, WI

At the Annual Reception for the Foundation, Lisa Ellis, Principal, St. Leonard’s Catholic School, explained the mission of their school is to educate the whole child spiritually, morally, intellectually, and emotionally. Lisa shared some comments on December 4th and also provided more comments in the Foundation’s 2018 Annual Report at Fr. Dan Janasik, St. Leonard’s pastor and Foundation board member, is also featured in the annual report.

Lisa mentioned that the Foundation has played a significant role in helping further St. Leonard’s mission by offering grants to assist them in rounding out their educational programming. The grants awarded provides students some state-of-the-art technology and a leveled reading library. With the grants, teachers can successfully blend educational technology and print materials and can infuse forward thinking with tradition in their Catholic school. Lisa noted that her job is to provide the best she can for her students and teachers, and the Foundation has helped her do just that.

Lisa shared with the audience that when faculty have the opportunity to use quality instructional materials they are inspired, feel valued as professionals, and can achieve their professional goal of giving their students the best they have to offer. Catholic education is important because it gives families and students the opportunity to have an education rooted in the morals and values of the Catholic Faith while providing them with nothing less than educational excellence and rigor.

Lisa believes that the work of the Foundation is inspiring, and crucial to making the mission of Catholic Schools viable in the future!